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Diflucan Over The CounterFungal infections are various according to their localization and severity. In addition, they often follow other conditions and appear when the body is already weakened. Therefore, it is important to treat them on time and properly. For this, one can use over the counter Fluconazole or Diflucan. The latter must be prescribed by the specialist. Then, it is possible to purchase it online.

Here we are going to discuss the basics of treatment with this medicine such as the mechanism of action, dosage and side effects. This data will help to follow the treatment scheme and understand it better. Still, consult with the specialist before taking any actions on your own.

Drug Name:

Diflucan (Fluconazole)

Tablet Strength: 200 mg, 150 mg, 100 mg, 50 mg
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What is Diflucan

The active ingredient of this medicine is fluconazole and it is utilized for the prevention and treatment of candidiasis such as vaginal or oral yeast infection. Fungus Candida is the main cause of this problem. It may appear almost in every part of the body and lead to unpleasant consequences.

Another fungus type, that is named Cryptococcus, causes meningitis (brain infection) that can be also treated with fluconazole.
In addition, when the immune system is weak due to other diseases this medicine is prescribed to prevent the attack of fungi on the body.That is because some amount of them live on our skin under normal conditions but become aggressive if there is a chance for them to outperform the immune system.

How Does It Work

This compound belongs to the so-calledtriazole antifungals. There are several medicines with similar structures and mechanisms of action in this group.

All these active molecules block the ability of the above-mentioned fungi to reproduce. Thus, they die under the action of the drug and cannot create more of their kin. After some period of treatment, the disease subsided.

Diflucan Uses

When is this medicine prescribed? As we have already mentioned, there are various types of fungi localization. They may affect individual organs and whole systems, so diagnostics is not always easy. Still, there are some widespread diseases that require such treatment.

Yeast infections

This condition is most common in women. However, men also sometimes experience it. If we talk about women’s symptoms, they include:

  • itching and irritation in the area of the genitals;
  • unpleasant sensations including pain while urinating or having intercourse;
  • rash near genitals;
  • white thick vaginal discharge.

Such a condition is generally treated without complication. Still, it is important not to neglect it, as it can become a recurring form.As for men, they experience similar symptoms in their genitals and also require the corresponding treatment.

Oral thrush

Candida albicans is also prone to accumulate in the mouth and on the tongue where it produces white, sore patches. It is accompaniedby an unpleasant cottony feeling and sometimes with loss of taste. Children, as well as adults, can be exposed to this disease that is also treated with fluconazole.

Other fungal infections

In addition to the common uses, this medicine is prescribed for patients with cryptococcal meningitis.
Furthermore, it can be utilized for the prevention of the fungal infections. It is useful for patients with:

  • recurring candidiasis;
  • the weak immune system including HIV;
  • diabetes;
  • the period after taking antibiotics;
  • the period after transplantations;
  • risk of getting meningitis of a fungal nature.

Diflucan (Fluconazole) Dosage

There are three available dosage forms for this medicine – capsules, liquid and injections. The latter is used mainly in hospitals. For OTC, capsules that are taken once or couple of times per day are the most common option.They come as 50mg, 150mg or 200mg.

The liquid dosage form may be as follows:

  • 50mg in 5ml of the medicine;
  • 200mg in 5ml of the medicine.

The specialist according to the condition you suffer from must determine the exact dosage and period of use. Standard treatment lasts up to one week and may be prolonged to two weeks in case of serious infection. The course must be finished so the infection will not come back.

The standard adults’ doses are:

  • oral thrush – 50 mg per day during 7-14 days;
  • balanitis orvaginal thrush – 150 mg one time;
  • recurringvaginal thrush– 150 mg every 72 hours three times, then 150mg once a week for half a year;
  • general candida infections – 200-800 mg per day for a few weeks;
  • cryptococcal meningitis – 200-800 mg per day for a few weeks, and 200mg per day can be prolonged for a longer period;
  • for fungal infections preventions forthose with the weak immune system – 50-400mg per day for a long period.

For children, the exact dose is determined according to their age and weight.

Oral dosage forms of this medicine must be takenwith a glass of water. The food does not matter.It isadvisable to take them at the same time every day. For the liquid, measure the dose with the dedicated plastic spoon that comes together with it. This way, you will make no mistakes and get the proper treatment.

Possible Side Effects

Among the possible side effects that occur from time to time, one should be aware of:

  • digestive system disorders such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, diarrhea;
  • rash;
  • headache.

If these side effects occur, better to consult with a specialist before continuing to take the medicine.

In addition, some severe problems also may happen, for example:

  • liver disorders that manifest themselves with jaundice (skin and eye turn yellow while urine become dark and poop is pale);
  • blood disorders (bruises appear more easily on your skin);
  • the heartbeat becomes fast or irregular;
  • anallergic reaction occurs.

These side effects are rare but if they occur one must stop taking the medicine immediately and call the doctor.

Where to get Diflucan otc?

The easiest modern way is to order it online. Online pharmacies have the same or sometimes an even wider range of available options. Therefore, you can select the needed dosage form and amount of medicine and wait for the delivery.
In addition, you can be advised on the intake and learn more about analogues and special features of the medicine required.


In a nutshell, Diflucan is a cost-effective medicine that reliably kills fungi inside the body and does it almost without side effects. Of course, the patient has to be aware of its proper usage and take it according to the doctor’s recommendations. In this case, the treatment will go as it must and the result in the form of restored health will definitely follow.


Can you buy diflucan over the counter?

In most cases, one still needs a prescription for this purchase. However, the medicine is available in many countries.

Is Diflucan Safe?

The side effects determined for this medicine are rare and not very dangerous. Of course, one must follow the recommendations on the dosage and then safety is guaranteed.

What is the best substitute for Diflucan?

There are numerous generics such as Azocan, Canesten and others. However, the brand medicine usually wins in terms of quality and various conditions that it cures easily.

Is there an over the counter pill similar to Diflucan?

OTC medicines include topical forms of miconazole, clotrimazole and tioconazole. They are similar to it but not the same.