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Buying medicines online has already become a routine for many people. It’s fast, convenient, and cheaper than in a regular drugstore. But let’s not forget about one more, probably essential, reason why people choose to order drugs online – the opportunity to buy prescription drugs over the counter.

Still, we would recommend consulting a healthcare specialist before ordering any kind of drug that is normally sold by prescription. So how is it possible to buy drugs online without a prescription? We’ll tell it all.

Why Buy From an Online Pharmacy?

The time of the pandemic showed us how important it is to have access to quality medicines without leaving the house. Millions of those who would have never agreed to order a prescription medication before COVID understood that there’s nothing wrong with using the services of online pharmacies. A survey by ASOP Global Foundation revealed that 42% of Americans buy prescription drugs via the Internet. Why do they choose this method?

  • By buying online, you can save money. 25% of online pharmacy customers claim this is the primary reason they choose this kind of drug purchase.
  • It’s convenient. Ordering online, you can do this from the comfort of your home at any convenient time. Besides, the orders are usually shipped within 24 hours, so the medicines are delivered quite fast.
  • The medicines are always in stock. While the local pharmacy may lack the item you need, you can always find it in one of the numerous online pharmacies.
  • Prescription medications are available OTC. If the pharmacy still requires a prescription, you can get one by consulting a doctor online.

How Can I Buy Prescription Drugs OTC?

Different approaches and standards for scheduling medications in different countries give space for a maneuver. What is considered a prescription drug in the United States can be bought OTC in Canada or elsewhere around the globe. This legal gap is widely used for buying prescription medicines over the counter.

Although private customers residing in the United States are restricted from buying prescription drugs from the Canadian pharmacy, 34% of Americans still use the opportunity of getting quality medications at reasonable prices without a valid prescription.

How to Buy Drugs Safely?

Some people still believe that any online pharmacy will provide them with FDA-approved medicines of the best quality. Still, this is far from the truth, as only 5% of pharmacies offering their services via the Internet operate legally. The other 95% can put you at significant health risks by shipping counterfeit or substandard medications.

Luckily, there are some effective ways to distinguish legitimate online pharmacies from fraudulent websites.

  • A legally operating Canadian pharmacy can be verified via the Pharmacy Verified Websites Program. Or you can use the services of this website.
  • The pharmacy offers online consultation with a licensed pharmacist. Such a person should be available round-the-clock. You can check their licensing by addressing your local Board of Pharmacy.
  • The prices for the medicines for sale are lower than offline but are still reasonable. The price significantly lower than in other retailers is a clear sign that you are dealing with a fraudulent service.
  • Pay attention to the website. If it’s poor quality, you are not likely to buy good quality medicines there and vice versa.
  • Read some user testimonials on specialized forums to learn about the pitfalls that you may get into if buying from this or that online pharmacy.

Final Words

Buying medicines from an online pharmacy is an equally good choice for busy people and those who want to save some money. Due to the possibility ofpurchasing prescription medicines from an online pharmacy no prescription, many people manage to receive their treatment in time even if they’ve lacked time to get a renewal. This can save you in many situations.

Still, you should be careful when picking out the pharmacy to buy from. You’d better take your time and double-check it so you won’t buy a cat in a sack. Good luck!